Can you repair the broken MCU and Faderport, please ?!!!!

I’m at the mixing stage and it completely destroys my workflow.
I was thinking to sell my digital mixer and some external hard-wares to switch for a “total in the box” production/mixing studio. Combining high end ADDA converters with control surfaces… This is no more possible with Cubase 8.
And sincerely I don’t understand why you broke some many things in one time. (openGl graphics, control surfaces, controllers like presonus faderport, …)
I’m a professional not a beta tester.



NB :

  • In Cubase 7.5 the MCU integration was very powerful with Cubase EQ, Plug Ins, VSTi, …
  • I’m on windows 7 64bit and will stay on it until windows 10 will be stable and reliable.
  • I really like the “render in place” and “disable audio and vsti tracks” new functions.

Don’t know about Faderport.

MCU works great in 8.0.10 (Mackie Control Universal). All 7.5 features restored.


Using Faderport without any problem here in C8

Thank you very much for your encouraging answers.
I have many problems, but I don’t have the time to find what cause such and such bad behaviour.
For example when recording an automation Cubase changes the selected track, …
I will investigate on a blank project when I will finish this one to post a detailed report.
Is it caused by MIDI drivers, VSTs … ?

This is out of subject but I have also many problems with new window management.
Pressing ALT+TAB for example doesn’t pick up the chosen window.
Sometimes the menu header doesn’t work at all. I can’t select a menu. Clicking on it does nothing,…
Is it caused by OpenGL, windows 7, my personalised windows settings, … ?


NB : Is there a way to change the channel’s LP and HP cutoff frequency using MCU ?