Can you route ADAT input to ADAT output (ie, duplicate ADAT input to go to ADAT output) on Mr816?

Hi, this is function I used in the software of my old digital mixer/interface, Tascam FW-1884, you can duplicate the ADAT inputs to ADAT outputs and send them to another soundcard to be recorded in another program at the same time, it’s super handy. You can also use it if you have a different interface for Cubase than you do for Pro Tools to pass the ADAT input connection over to the Pro Tools interface without any quality drop and also since ADAT doesn’t pass through an analogue patchbay .

Anyway, can you assign the ADAT inputs to route out the ADAT outputs in the dspmixfx software? I couldn’t see an option on the screenshots. Want to make sure before buying a few used MR816 units. Can someone try it for me please to see if it’s an option in the software?