Can you run two mono plugins (left and right) on the master

Is it possible to run for example 1 mono compressor on the left and another on the right on the master fader?? If so how?

It’s possible. Open the Channel Settings window for the master fader and select the insert tab to the left. Then select the Routing tab. Click on the routing slot for each plug-in you are going to use and select ‘Mono’ from the pop-up menu. To switch between left and right routing, double click on the routing slot and use the left/right arrows. Read the manual for more details on this.


You’re you’re opening yourself up to some latency an phasing issues, even if you were using two of the same compressor these would still be possible.

You should use a stereo compressor for this type of situation.

Why would you want to put two different compressors on the two-bus in the first place? If you’re trying to set up some type of tonal variation the variation should be introduced way before you get to the two-bus.

And the compression on the two-bus should be very light…just enough to catch a few odd notes…

Well it was just acreative thought. i was going to use it with automation on a breakdown in one of my tracks. might be really cool or not. i like to experiment and i dont care about rules. Thanks for the help

Very often I’ll not put effects on the master fader, but I’ll send all my channels to a group and then put the effects the group, so you could do something similar by creating two groups, sending all channels to both, then having different compressors or effects on the groups. Just another way of doing the same thing really, but it might offer more tweakable options than using the master channel strip directly.


I get what your saying and its great advice. i wouldnt say that im a newcomer to mixing at all. sending every channel to a buss is a pain in the ass especially if you have a lot of othe suff going on to. like i said before im not afaid to try new atuff even if it sounds wrong. the master buss is always looked as the no touch zone. This is not the case in dance music. thats why its fun to experiment. sidechainig used to be stickly a technical tool and now its a sound on its own.

It’s not so much of a pain as you say, you just create a new group, select all channels that are currently sent to the master buss and then change them to the new group. And I guess the main reason I use a group like that is because sometimes I’ll be using 2-3 groups so I can get multiple masting plugins in series (8 plugins is not enough for a/b’ing plugins when mastering I find). Then I name the final group so I can readily identify it in the Export window. But another thing is that I can then quickly use the master fader to drop the volume and it won’t effect the export. All mostly off topic…


Thats a great way to check different mastering chains. Im going to use that if my computer doesnt explode. Oh i guess you are right about sending to groups easy. im not used to 7 yet…im still thinking like version 5. good off topic.