Can you save a file in .mp3/192 kB?

I’m new to recording so I apologize if this is not clear.

I’m going to be recording books for LibriVox. I’m currently using WavePad for iPad and iphone to edit my .mp3 files (low pass, high pass, normalization) but it will not allow me to save the file in mono. I’m using a Zoom F6 to record and it does not allow .mp3’s to be recorded in mono, only .wav files. So after process I got the file in WavePad I move to Ferrite recording software which allows me to save the file in mono.

Basically I’m trying to find out if Cubasis 3 will allow me to save the file in .mp3/192 kB as mono?

Hi VoiceUnder,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis support projects with up 96 kHz/24-bit.
Exports are possible in WAV, FLAC, M4A and MIDI format.