Can you scrub audio in Cubase 6? and compute tempo?

Greetings all,

After a long time using Soundscape on a PC for audio, and Cubase SL for MIDI, which have been my main working tools when recording reproductions of original work for Total Guitar magazine etc (eg just recorded a version of Grace by Jeff Buckley), I’ve now switched to Cubase 6 on a Mac. I’m now instantly struggling to do something that I could always do very easily on Soundscape, namely scrub audio with a scrub tool ie, the audio plays back as you hold the cursor over the audio file, with play back speed determined by how fast you move the cursor, so that you can slow it down to a stand still, to locate beats (eg bass drum or snare hits).

This way I could set left and right locators around a region of music, then compute the tempo for that region by stating how many beats/bars are within that region. This way I could build up a tempo map of a song, so that when I programmed up the drums in Cubase and input the tempos into the tempo map, then streamed the drums back into Soundscape, they should (in theory) line up exactly with the original piece of music I’m reproducing.

Now I’m on Cubase 6, I can’t for the life of me find a scrub tool, which would make setting the left and right locators around a region of audio so much easier. And to be honest, I’m not even sure if I can do the compute tempo function in this way either.

If I type scrub into the help menu, this is what it says:

Scrub Volume
This lets you set the playback volume for the Scrub function in the Project window and audio editors.

Use High Quality Scrub Mode
When you activate this option, effects are enabled for scrubbing and the resampling quality is higher. However, scrubbing will be more demanding on the processor.

Use Inserts While Scrubbing
When you activate this option, you can activate insert effects for scrubbing with the shuttle speed control. By default, insert effects are bypassed.

Sooo, there must be a scrub function, but it just doesn’t tell you how to access it…

Any ideas for scrub as well as compute tempo for a region?





In the manual.

Well cheers, but no need to be patronising, eh? I was just about to put up another post saying how a search of the forum got turned me onto the time warp tool, so job done for tempo map, and I’ve also just located the scrub tool and how to set L & R locators at the cursor, but having got a press-download that didn’t apparently install the PDF manual under the help menu, meant I couldn’t even find the manual without looking at the original instal disc image.

You would think that putting in the relevant words into the help search field would yield results, but apparently not. But hey, I’m under extreme time pressure to get this job done, while working with a totally new way of working on a completely novel operating system. Sometimes a simple post on a forum can yield a far faster answer than a lengthy trawl through the manual, when I’m not familiar with even the different ways that different software describe identical tools or processes, so what was essentially an RTFM response is neither friendly nor helpful, it’s just rude!

Nuff said.


I don’t RTFM. Never. It’s rude.

What is condescending and patronising is someone who has not done the correct preparations and starts the job late who expects others to read the manual for him.

And no. You don’t get quicker answers on a forum to basic questions better dealt with by reading the manual before mangling a mission critical job with tools that one can’t use. That may sound harsh but that’s the way you come across.

I’ll gladly help you with a real problem and so will many here.

OK, may be no F, but certainly RTM in all but name. And why is asking a simple question patronising, condescending or rude? You know nothing of my circumstances to know why I have so little time to do the task in hand or why I couldn’t locate the manual. I thought forums were for musicians to help each other, no matter what level they’re at.

I guess the scrub tool is easily missed in Cubase 6. It’s right under the play tool. You just need to first select the play tool and then click it for access to the scrub tool.