Can you Split the Key Editor

Is there a way to split the MIDI Key Editor so it can display a couple of lower octaves on the bottom and higher octaves above?

This would be really useful for programming some VST Instruments.

I was wondering if it can be done in Cubase?


Unfortunately this is not possible.

That would be so useful :frowning:

The closest workaround would be to open the same MIDI Part in both a standalone Window and the Project Window’s Lower Zone. Then you can vertically scroll them differently.


Then I would recommend to make a Workspace for this window setup.

Hi all

Set up a logical editor to cut the notes below whatever pitch, paste to a new lane, then open each in its own window? Would that work?

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks, it’s not ideal but, yes, that will work. Thank you :smiley:

Have done that also now - thank you! :smiley:


Another option which just comes to my mind could be to split the track itself (keep it routed to the same output) and use In-Place Editor.

I’d considered that myself, but it get’s cluttered with a lot of VSTs/ tracks.

Having been in the studio and tried this today, it’s not really workable. As soon as you click on a midi note in the context midi key editor, the main MIDI Key editor window hides. There’s doesn’t seem to be a way to keep the main midi key editor window on top.

I assume that means you are using a single monitor & the Project Window keeps covering up the Key Ed Window.

In that case Martin’s suggestion is the way to go - Edit the Part in the Lower Zone and also use the In-Line Editor which will appear in the main zone of the Project Window. Since both these editors live within the Project Window flipping back and forth won’t cause either to get covered up.

However playing with it I find you need to do it in this order.

  1. Select the Part
  2. Open Lower Zone Editor
  3. Open the In-Place editor.

If you switch 2 & 3 you won’t have a selected Part when you open the Lower Zone and won’t get the editor.