Can you tell me shortcut for next preset

I am sure this is something very easy but i couldn’t find. I have external midi device, i like to know if i can go to next or previous preset without several clicking. In sonar we could do by pressing “[” for the next, “]” for the previous



There is no default Key Command for this. But you can assign your own Key Command.

Open Key Commands window from the File menu. In the Key Commands window, open folder “Presets”. Here you can find commands: Next; Open Browser; Previos.

Select Next command. On the right-side, click to the “Type in Key” filed, and press the combinations of keys, you want to assign. Click to the Assign button. Done. Do the same for the Previous cmmand, in the Preset folder.

Hope, this helps.
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 21.18.20.png

That was helpful and easy to accomplish. I assign same keys as the Sonar’s

Thank you