Can you type in values in automation?

I want to type in the values in my volume automation - I can do it but it doesn’t stick so what is the secret?

Make sure you see the automation lane for ‘volume’ on the track inspector. Select the event in the automation lane you want to adjust and type the value in the inspector.

Obviously you are doing something wrong. With a tiny little bit of info on what you are doing, someone might be able to tell you what. :unamused:

When I double click the box next to the Volume box I can edit the number. If it’s -7.2311 and I change it to -7.000 as soon as I click outside the box, it reverts to -7.2311. It seems I should be able to edit it there but it doesn’t work. I have tried Clicking on Write first, not clicking on Write amd holding down the CTRL and ALT keys but it just doesn’t work. Sounds like I need the secret handshake…

If you mean the value reading in the Automation subtrack - that´s just the reading of the actual value at Cursor Position.
Automation values of automation points can be edited in the info line.

That’s it! Thank you. It’s like magic.