Can You Use and Envelope Follower to Control Either an EQ?

I see a few old posts on using an envelope follower to change values - but no EXAMPLES on how to do it in Cubase ;-(

I want to create an auto wah; where the frequency of an EQ changes based on volume. How can I do this in Cubase? Why is it so difficult? My Axe-Fx III can do this?

You should be able to do write automation on ANY parameter, based on the volume (an envelope follower), it seems?

H E L P!

Top right of mixer window, little arrow left of the racks button. Change eq/filter transition from soft to hard. Should be what you are looking for.

You may also want to check out the WahWah plugin – an included effect in Cubase: WahWah


And while it only has a regular wah (not auto-wah), there’s also this - for a more stomp box looking interface: VST Amp Rack

Thank you! I found this in the corner of the mixer wonder, where you said it would be. I am not sure exactly “how” I can make an envelope filter with (or without) this option selected.

Have you seen any tutorials on this?