Can you use APC mini with Cubase?

I am looking for a controller that can do multiple things, I use 3 different DAWs so I would like to have one single device where possible, to control most of my VST and DAW commands.

I have got as present an APC mini, which is fundamentally great for Ableton, but how well does it works with Cubase? I do not have it yet so can’t check first hand, so I wonder if anyone here use one, and if you do, could you share how did you set it up? I would like to do 2 things fundamentally:

Move between tracks with it, change volume, pan per channel, access each channel VST parameters, and fundamentally control as much as possible from it, without use the mouse. IS this possible at all, or am I bound to use the APC as a generic Mack controller?

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