Can you use Maschine for pads AND Transport control without Mackie Control?

Anything I try, I cannot get these two to work together properly. Every time either only the Transport buttons work but nothing else, or the Transport controls do work, but they also play notes from whatever VST is selected at that moment. It’s driving me crazy.

I’ve asked around here and got some answers and I thought it worked, but that was just because at that moment I had Groove Agent selected, which only had one sound on C1.

But as soon as I go to a VST with piano keys, I always get a very high pitched sound with it when I press Play or Stop. Which means besides the midi function for Play or Stop, somewhere in the hidden the Stop and Play buttons are also assigned to something like C5 or whatever the last notes on the piano roll are.

It’s crazy how something isn’t intuitive and I feel like a need a master’s degree to figure out and even with the help from people here I’m still stuck with this problem.

I read some guy just explaining you need to add Mackie Control and then select Host Transport Control and that should be it, but I just get two signals on one key.

I’m asking is there another way to assign my Machine MK3 to Cubase, so I am able to use all the pads normally AND also the Transport controls?

I was looking at Generic remote, but couldn’t figure it out. Or there could just be a simple learn function and I would go about assigning all of the buttons and knobs myself from scratch. But also I want transport controls assigned.

I don’t know what else to do.

I had the same problems on my previous computer and could never get it to work so I wanted to try again on this new one, but I’m lost again.

Mackie Control is really driving me nuts.

Thank you.


This topic has been discussed here.

Hey, I understand, but this is about other possibilities. Since I can’t get Mackie to work, perhaps there are workorounds.