Can you use more than one Control Surface at the same time?

I’m experiencing some difficulty keeping two Control Surfaces active in Nuendo: Mackie Control and V-Control using the Mackie Hui protocol. But I’m not sure if the problem is with Nuendo or with V-Control because the Mackie Control always works and V-Control seems to stop working occasionally.

There’s a function on each Device Setup > Control Surface page called “Enable Auto-Select” it doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere but it would suggest that the active Control Surface can switch automatically to the one Nuendo receives a command from. Is this correct? They are currently enabled for both. It would be nice to know exactly what this function allows.


From memory the Autoselect function allows you to select the corresponding channel in Nuendo when a fader or knob on that channel is touched on a surface with touch sensitive faders/knobs…

Actually that makes sense too. Still would like to know if Neundo can handle two active main control surfaces simultaneously (as opposed to a primary and accessory one, like for extra faders or controllers).

I use a Houston and two BCF 2000 (one as a mackie control and the other one as an extender).
Houston as a group and channel editor (it has scribble strip) and the BCF’s as fader and pan boards.
Works like a charm !


I’ve used Mackie control + faderport. Kinda cool cause the fader port is always your selected track. Works kind of like your little master fader on the Digi ICON.

I’ve also used Eucon controllers with mackie control and faderport. I didn’t bother exploring that too much because the eucon stuff just trumped them all and I sold the rest.