Can you use two UR22 units simultaneously?

My new UR22 works well with Cubase 6.5
I need to increase my inputs and wonder if it is possible to add a second UR22 unit.
I guess they would use the same driver.
With two plugged in would I see a total of 4 inputs?

No I don’t believe that is possible as far as I know.
You’ll either need to upgrade to an AI with more inputs, or you’ll need to incorporate an analog mixer if that’s not out of the question (i.e. submixing prior to tracking - the submix is printed).

Thanks for your comments.
I guess it could be clocked to another unit if ADAT was built in.
No doubt it would cost more - but I’d certainly pay extra for the UR22 for that facility.
Its a very good interface. Crisp clean sound and works rock solid with Cubase 6.5

Just to extend this topic…
My interest in the UR22 is for on-the-road use with my laptop
I also own an MR816csx and an RME FireFace 800 which I use as audio interfaces in my studio.
I find the MR816 definitely outshines the FF800 in both pre-amp quality and analog-digital conversion.
However because prefer the RME’s “totalmix” interface (latency-free monitoring etc) I set my system this way:
RME FF800 as primary interface via firewire. MR816 as extended interface via ADAT-to-FF800.
This way I have the best of both worlds.