Can you use zero downtime to transfer key to usb?

new member,so you can use zero downtime
to transfer key to usb?

No, read this to got familiarized with it.

thanks,my license is listed as a usb version
and ive always used the soft version
just got a new pc so thought i could purchase a dongle
and download to it


If you want to transfer your Soft-eLicense to a new computer, go thru the Reactivation process, please.

just to check,can i transfer a license to a new usb dongle
option not there to use soft e license


Yes, you can transfer any Soft-eLicense to a USB-eLicenser. Be aware, you cannot transfer the license back to the Soft-eLicense anymore.

hi martin,thanks for your help
license transfered to usb and up and running
just the small matter of my waves plugins now aaarrgh
seems to me,usb dongle the best way to go