Can you work like this?

I’m trying to figure out Inter App Audio / Audiobus 2 and making it work in a fashion that is similar to working on a desktop.

I.e. you are in your daw, you pick a VSTi and then play (with the in app keyboard) and manipulate its parameters (I’m thinking automation here) from within your daw.

Is that achievable with what we have today on iOS?

Right now, I find myself erring towards programs that have a wealth of built in VSTi as I’m not enjoying jumping from app to app, stopping and starting recording, or (the worst) rendering segments as unalterable audio.

I’m of the same opinion. I wish Cubasis’ internal sounds were of a higher quality so as not to have to leave the program at all. However, between IAA and Audiobus 2, I do prefer Audiobus, mainly because of state saving. I don’t really record audio and really only use Cubasis as a sketchpad when I"m away from my DAW.

I would be curious what sort of workflow other’s are using.