Can zoom in/out can be assigned to nanopad 2's X-Y pad?

Steve, do you happen to know if zoom in/out can be assigned to nanopad 2´s X-Y pad?

I split this out of that 5 year old thread…

It doesn’t matter really that it’s an x/y pad or a fader style control. It still uses CCs to invoke the command. So, it depends on what the controller is sending.

So what does the controller send for the X axis and Y axis? Ideally I suppose +1 and -1 would be best for this type of command. (sometimes called endless rotary encoders), an x/y pad could send that if the device allows the user to do so.


Do you use Cubase 12 with the MIDI Remote API, please?

Windows 10 - Cubase 12


Then you can do this by using MIDI Remote API, but via JavaScript only, not via MIDI Remote Assistant.

sorry, I thought you were asking about midi remote assistant, I don´t know the Api.
Do I have to download it from Steinberg site? Is there a tutotial on how to configure my request?