Canadian Price for Dorico 2, over 50% higher than US version

I went to purchase Dorico 2 May 30, 2018. My checkout price is $150.00 CAD. This is 51.52% higher that the US price of $99.00

The exchange rate for the Canadian dollar has been around $1.29 US for a few years now. So a Canadian would expect to pay $99 + 29% = $127.71.

Why is the Canadian exchange rate over 50% instead of 29%?


I will try to find out the answer to this question, David.

I suspect the US price doesn’t include sales tax, and the Canadian price does. Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

Thank you Daniel. Canadians are used to paying more for goods compared to the United States but this seems a bit more. I appreciate you looking into this. Just saw another post about taxes. Our HST tax is 13% so that would bring it to around $145.00


Right, so once sales tax is included it’s perhaps only $5 CAD more than the exchange rate? That doesn’t seem too outrageous to me. I am waiting to hear back from my colleagues in Hamburg but I guess the answer will indeed be the sales tax.

Or to put it another way, David, the CAD price MINUS sales tax is about CA$132, which at an exchange rate of 1.29CA$ to 1US$ is about 102US$.