Canadian Update Prices

Steinberg update prices are getting a little ridiculous, especially in Canada where they over-charge us in relation to the exchange rate. US customers get a much better deal.

Yamaha Canada says, “We don’t set the prices.” But they also don’t say anything about it to the people who do set the prices. It’s called tacit consent. I’ve definitely started thinking about a switch to Logic.

Yes I agree.
Even through Steinberg the Canadian prices are ridiculous.
Doesn’t make any sense.

I believe that the canadian prices also have to include GST/HST, and possibly some kind of import tax. I did the math based on the prices reported by other users and that definitely seems to be the case.

Keep in mind that Steinberg is a relatively small sized company selling niche products, so it may not be possible for them to lower the prices much to compensate for your country’s taxes.

I don’t see such differences with any other software compared to US prices. The difference is the exchange only.
Taxes are also never included in the listed prices in Canada it’s always added afterward.
Even doing the math of exchange and taxes (if that’s the case) it’s still way too high.
It should be revised because it doesn’t make sense.
Just making a point.

Doesn’t bother me I just buy from the US… probably like most everyone else…

I agree, the prices are out of whack.

For Cubase and VSTs, the canadian prices are 50% higher, no extra taxes are included at checkout.