Cancel Clip Plugin Loading when Opening Montage

Is there a key combination that cancels it?

I usually don’t have a problem waiting for the loading because it normally goes fine, but I was opening an unusually large montage with many many instances of clip plugins, and there was an issue with the iLok manager that resulted in two error messages for each instance of the iLok protected plugins. And having to ok each message, it took about five minutes to open the montage.

If there’s no way to cancel it, is there the possibility of adding a cancel button to the dialog?

I don’t know the answer but I certainly think it would be great to have a feature similar to REAPER called “Open In Recovery Mode”.

This opens the session but does not load any plugins which can be helpful when running into issues like this, or when a plugin causes a DAW to freeze or crash before you even have a chance to remove it.

Thanks Justin, sounds like a nice feature. In my case, where I didn’t know beforehand, my only option would be to force quit Wavelab if there’s not a way to stop the loading once it’s started.

Exactly. I think some kind of safety net features when opening a montage would be good. Every now and then I have a need for this as well.