Cancel Cubase Artist 11 Order Refund

I want to cancel my order as I have found a cheaper alternative that I can use straight away. It has cost me £284 for the program and the USB e Licence.

I made the purchase 24hours ago and am being told I must wait for the USB to be delivered, then deny it and send it back before I will receive my refund. I have no idea when the USB is supposed to arrive, if I will be at home to send it back and I am now out of pocket by £284.

Please can I be informed as to why this is such a lengthy process and intervene

I am sorry to hear that! But if a physical device has been ordered as well, the return needs to be processed. With the order confirmation, you receive the contact details of our online shop. Please contact them for the details.

I have contacted them but unfortunately they haven’t advised on anything with regards to delivery date of the USB or the refund.

I am worried that the refund will take a long time even though I am confident the USB has not even been dispatched yet.