Cancel current sample when triggering a new pad - Solved

Hi Guys,

I have Groove agent 5 which I trigger via an Akai MPD226 unit. What I am trying to do is trigger an audio sample but have that sample immediately stop playing when I trigger a different pad. I appreciate that if I have a sample that last, say 8 seconds, then it may not be possible to stop the audio until it has played the full 8 secs, however I have managed to do this previously when using MPC Essentials - Can this be done in Groove agent?

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions or hopefully instructions on how to do this?

cheers :wink:

Update: Solved.

Drag a sample to a pad (make sure you are in instrument and not pattern mode). With the pad selected go to sample edit window, select main and change the Exclusive mode from '‘Off’ to 1 (pad will need to be in one shot mode if you want the loop to play all the way through when triggered)

The ‘one shot’ pad will now stop playback immediately once another pad is triggered. if you want to end a 'one shot sample before it’s finished without any hearing any further sounds, setup a pad as teh final pad but drop the volume of the pad to zero.