Canceling a double sharp/flat

A question came up on the Finale Forum, and I wondered how Dorico might handle it.

The most common current way to cancel a double-sharp back to a regular sharp 9within a measure) is IIRC just to put a regular sharp in front of the corrected note; but at one time many publishers used a combination natural-sharp to restore a double-sharp to just a sharp.

Is there a way in Dorico to configure this older “natural-sharp” combination as a default?

This is not a feature request; I am simply interested whether the capability exists. (In Finale, AFAIK, it does not.)

Does “Use archaic cancellation” work for what you want?

Or, locally, Trad. cancellation in the properties panel.

Super. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity so quickly.
Too bad I cannot (in good conscience) recommend Dorico on the Finale Forum. :slight_smile:

I’ve done this in FInale for orchestral part replacement, but I probably faked it. I’m using F less and less…