Canceling out double flats/sharps or microtonal accidentals

Hi, I was wondering if there’s a way to precede an accidental with a “natural” sign. For instance: I want to insert a Db, where I had a D double flat earlier in the bar, or in a previous bar.

Slightly different but similar situation here: I want the Db to be preceded by a natural sign, because it was a D 3/4 flat in the preceding bar.

Many thanks!

For cancelling double-sharps/double-flats you can use this, in Notation Options


That won’t have an effect when cancelling quartertone accidentals. However, you should find that you can use the “Trad. cancellation” property on individual notes:


(Ignore the odd colours in my screenshot - these are just internal diagnostics.)


Great, thank you so much!