Cancellation accidentals at key signature not showing

Hi, I tried to search the forum, the version history, the Internet i general, and I tried to look for the solution in Engraving options and Notation options, and in the properties panel in Write mode and Engrave mode. I am sure there is an answer and that I am just looking past it.

In the attached project, there is a key change at bar 157. The change is from A major to A minor. The signpost comfirms that the change is made, and so do the accidentals telling the transposing instruments that a key change takes effect. In non-transposing instruments such as the flutes and trombones, no cancellation accidentals appear.

Can this have to do with the fact that the mentioned key change finds place in the second bar of a second repeat ending? The preceding first repeat ending is already in A minor – will Dorico treat this as if the key change is already made? The same key change appears in the second bar of the first repeat ending, and there, it shows in all instruments.

Thanks for your insight.
2019-12-05 09-33-25_La boutique (838 KB)

Yes, Dorico is currently not clever enough to pick up the state according to what was happening before the repeat endings started. The same issue affects other stateful things like key signatures, lyric extender lines, ties, glissando lines, and so on.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a workaround? I’d say this is pretty important information to convey to the players.

Hallo Runter vom Sofa,

You could insert an independent A Major key signature at the begining of the second ending (for the non-transposing instruments, do it once and then copy with alt-click) then select the independent key signatures you just enter and set the custom scale to 1, propagate properties.
If the second ending, in the parts, is at the beginning of the system the cautionary A Major key signature will show.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try to make it work.