Cancelling Swing Feel

I tried several different swing settings, it’s all the same now. How do I get to silent playback template, I don’t see it as an option in export.

Play>Playback template>Silence

It’s under the Play menu. You have to apply it before saving.
Did you enter Shift-T swing at letter K and then a new Shift-T with straight two bars before I?


[Swing Demo2 - Swing Demo 2.dorico|attachment] (upload://lBV2kSqnR87VgKNHp7KK2FS5JR9.dorico) (1021.9 KB)

Think I got the correct file

No file attached. You can copy paste it here.


Swing Demo2 - Swing Demo 2.dorico (1021.9 KB)

It starts to swing here:

and straight from 1 before B. But you had a reset just after the swing started.
Try this.

Swing Demo2 - Swing Demo 2.dorico (1.6 MB)

You have to apply your normal playback template first to hear it.

It works now! Thanks for your help. This horn player/composer is slow to catch on sometimes.

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Best to have signposts on so that you don’t miss something you entered. Was a cancel of the swing at A. Glad it’s sorted.


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