Cancer inspired - "What Do You Do"?

Inspired by my recent encounter with cancer, hospital and that whole horrible post-op thing :smiling_imp:

What Do You Do?

I like this and think it’s one of your best!..real pro sound coming out of my monitors and the,. accordion? a nice touch.
the piano bit at the end would’ve made a nice middle 8.

hope your recovering ok Ian.

best, Kevin

Hi Ian

Wow man, very moving story here. The vocal melody drop in the verse, where you hit that low note is superb :smiley:
Brilliant song… real.

Regards, Chris

the lyrics made me cringe thinking about having an op,glad you got through it ok. i`m one of those who would have to be dragged into hospital .like the tune you sounded a bit like Johnny Cash on the deep bit and great production as usual.

Moving account. Great overall sound. Very balanced and conveys the message very well. Thanks for sharing it.