Candle In The Window

Apologies for the dead-end first post.
Wanted to delete it but the thread remains. :confused:

I took time out to do a fresh set up on my Les Paul.
New Nashville and raised tail stop. Much better intonation now.
That prompted the song.

Also used here my “new” '65 Vibro Champ. Mic was SM57.

Link is not working Jet!!!

Strange. It’s working when I click on it. :confused:

I’m getting this…

Sorry, that something isn’t here.

Please start at the beginning and you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

I’ll try another browser…

getting the same thing with chrome…weird!! :confused: :confused:

I’m getting the same message that Kevin is.

It’s working here now.

It’s a beautiful little piece. I can understand the temptation to present it as one of those album interludes between big tracks, but I hear a lot of potential in it for more.

First of all, the guitar and voice is creamy and heart-rending, and I would like to understand what you’re doing to make that guitar and voice fill the stereo field without a ton of reverb. I really admire the way the harmony sort of floats into the background.

As we get near the end, I’m expecting or envisioning a build-up with drums, bass, and of course, your lap-steel, maybe keys, to take it up a notch, to punch home the message of longing (if I may be so presumptuous), with a lap-steel solo. I guess you already thought of this.

Now I have to look for a Vibro Champ!

Anyway, I love it.

Very beautiful piece, love the guitar arp intro…what a great sound!! love those harmonies at around 1.20…
as early says…maybe a bit more could be made of it…but as is it’s lovely… :slight_smile:

Very nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for the listens guys.

Leon, there are several identical reverbs and delays
happening on both vocals and guitar.
Underneath what I might label the core set
is a Lexicon hardware setting of delay and
reverb that is quite massive but fixed at at a very
low level. Once I add M/S mastering to that on the stereo
mix it widens everything. The trick is in
getting everything just right so that it is subtle
but effective.

No plans of making this track anything more than
it is.

I am glad you like the Champ. It is a great little amp.

Truly love the stereo sound that you achieve. Thanks for letting us know some of the particulars.

lovely ,tons of feeling.amp sounds good .

link not working here either (using Chrome)

I went to listen to it again, and couldn’t link.

Sorry guys, you must have listened
exactly while I took the old file down
and was ready to post the final one.

This is a remix and I’ve utilized my vintage SDD3000
on both guitar and vocal. I think it added a new
dimension to the track.

Mastered now against ten other tracks from my
forthcoming new album.

Cheers lads!

Haven’t yet listened to the mastered track, but a big thumbs up on the “forthcoming new album” statement. :smiley:

Sounds great, Jet. Hard to make any comment on the mastering without a/b comparison, but you clearly know what you’re doing.

Thanks Larry! :wink:

Hi Leon,

apart from adding the new delay, I realised I’d fallen
victim to the “never-heard-it-loud” trap. Apartment
living doesn’t easily allow for monitoring audio at
volume, and once I started to crank up the JBLs
I noticed a lot of extraneous noise from the
amp track, as well as some tape hiss.

I hit the project with the Z-Noise plugin and Cambridge EQ
and those stopped all noise in its tracks (bad pun intended :unamused: ) and switching to
Dolby SR knocked the bit of tape hiss on its head (another bad
pun…). Even at full volume I could hear nothing.

The original mix now sounds a bit brittle and quite
noisy, plus the mastering EQ really cleans up the
harsh 2-4Khz zone and helps the track bed in against
the others.

As to knowing what I’m doing, not sure about that.
But at least you didn’t write that it wants to make
you puke, so seems all is well. :laughing: