Cannot access free trial

Every time I try to enter my email to apply for the free trial I get forwarded here[rechash]=0bcc3d9b683f0e3a31c57e63a94e6c6b62cf98cb6b534325ded4f45ef7a6700fed5fd4cacba5c49c8f0eacaabbcd6a1ade24bc2c9b2ec4cbd5994528f73a71cc&tx_leadgenerator_leadgenerator[controller]=Campaignuser

And the frame says “You’re almost done~!”

Followed by an error message in another frame saying ;’

An error occurred:
Please contact support.

Do you get to this page as soon as you’ve entered your email address? Do you receive the email with a link too?

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the trial request.
Please submit a ticket to the Steinberg Support Team via your MySteinberg account, so that we can send you a trial activation code.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Dear JazzDeath,

The issue has been fixed now. Please try to request a trial code again and let us know, whether it is working this time.

Thanks for your patience.