Cannot access My Steinberg to register N5


Have finally purchased N5 as have been waiting for multitrack editing for years and it’s now here!

I am due to receive my N5 box via UPS this morning so am trying to log on to My Steinberg so I’m ready to register (I’m hoping I can squeeze on to this mornings 5.5 activation codes as mentioned in one of the stickies).
Problem is… I can’t access either or the my steinberg pages. Have tried from a PC, a Mac and an iPhone but to no avail. Best I’ve managed is a text only version of the websites which in turn will not function correctly. Is anybody else experiencing this issue?

Am really hoping to get 5.5 installed and test it out today as I have two days without any bookings at the studio before it all kicks off again on Wednesday!

Thanks for your help!

Hello Julien,

somehow the webservers had a little problem. Should be OK now agaon