Cannot access MySteinberg

For some reason I am no longer able to access MySteinberg:

  1. Every time I try to logon, the login + password rejected (eventhough I am quite confident that they are correct).
  2. When I try to reset the password using my username, I get the errormessage “Please activate your account first…”
  3. When I try to reset the password using my e-mailaddress, I get the errormessage " Account does not exist."
  4. However, when I try to create a new account with my e-mailaddress, I get the errormessage: " The email address you have entered is already in use", which seems to contradict the other messages (but seems to be the only correct message)

As a result I cannot currently access MySteinberg to download / activate my copy of Cubase Elements to my new laptop. :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated (as I can’t use the usual support option - also behind “MySteinberg” either.

Is it possible that you never activated the account, and the the email with the activation link is sitting in your email inbox?

Hi Steve, thank you for your help! No, I’ve used the account many times before (I have purchased several products in the past, which is the reason I’m trying so desperately to get in :slight_smile: ), so it would be rather strange. I have searched through my inbox though, didn’t find anything.

Fyi… I couldnt log in either the other day… had to generate a new password…

As noted in the other thread in this Forum, they changed the password requirement to be 8 characters now so that’s probably why, could be what’s happening to the OP too, although I’ve never seen “Please activate your account first…” associated with the new password requirement.

Thanks everyone! I guess I just need someone from Steinberg to reset the access to my account, I only don’t know how to contact them since the normal support options works through MySteinberg. Has anyone a suggestion?

Thanks again!

PM Sent


Did you solved your problem? I’ve got same one and I don’t know what to do :cry:

I can’t log-in to MySteinberg Account. I tried requesting for a new password, but no email was received, also checked my spam mail, nothing there.


I have the same problem… Exactly the same…

and I can’t find any link or email to ask for some help…

Hi there,

Did anybody solved the problem? I’ve got same one.



To access to MySteinberg you need to use your email address as username, if you don’t remember your password please use the “forgot password button”.
Have you received the activation email?

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Thanks for your quick answer. The problem is more like described by elmarj.

Every time I try to logon with my UserName, the login + password rejected (I am quite confident that they are correct).
When I try to reset the password using my username, I get the errormessage “Please activate your account first…”

If I try to logon with my emailAdress, there is an old account just with some Cubase 4LE

I got Cubase 8 pro and Cubase Elements 8 and several other stuff…

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That is the issue, you have two accounts, instead of log-in in to your old account where you had Cubase LE 4 to register your other products, you created a new account, it seems that when you did that you never received the activation email and now you are stock.

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thanks a ton! You just made my day!
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I have the same problem has anyone found a solution to this yet?
Thank you

Hello !

I forget my password but when i try to reset it, steinberg mail to reset password never arrives (i check my spam box too) …

Can you help me please ??