Cannot activate Absolute 5 crossgrade from GA5

Aktivation programm can’t find GA5 because its license is stored in the new Steinberg licensing system and not on eLicenser. How can I activate the crossgrade to Absolute 5?

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Are Absolute 5 upgrade and all its content on Steinberg licensing system?

No, it isn’t. Groove Agent is on Steinberg Licensing and Absolute 5 is not. This is why the activation software cannot find it. It only searches in eLicenser.

Got you. Sorry.
Thank you anyway

yes I have the same issue. I just raised a ticket on steinberg support , awaiting reply

Same problem for me.
I hope they will not convert my GA5 SteinbergLicense into an elicense…

I have just got a new Download Access Code. Hope it works this time.

Everything is fine. Looks as if they sent the Download Access Code of the full version.