Cannot activate AI 7

I have installed the Cubase Ai 7 and the new update, but it’s impossible for me to activate it. I become “this elicencer is deprecated” and when I try with the Add new software - tab in mySteinberg there is no possibility to choose Cubase AI 7.


This error message appears if this eLicenser has been reactivated in the past. Can you send me a PM with the eLicenser-ID and I will have a look if I find the source of the problem.

Best wishes

me too…I can’t activate AI7 there is no option to activate from website…please help…

Hm, I actually don’t understand your problem…

You have a Download Access Code, right? Have you entered it in MySteinberg? Have you downloaded the installer files? Have you entered the Activation Code you have received via eMail in the eLicenser Control Center?

Best wishes

I dvd installer…and i don’t have download access code…
how to activate from mysteinberg there is no option for ai7? it’s only have older ai…

Are you really sure the DVD is containing Cubase AI 7 and not an older version?

Can you write me a Personal Message with more detailed information? Especially from where you have received this DVD? We will see if we get this sorted out :slight_smile:

PM sent