Cannot activate an update license

I purchased an ‘update’ license in July of this year: Cubase Pro 10.5 Update from Cubase Pro 10 and am trying to activate it via Enter Activation Code in the eLicenser Control Center, without success.

Currently I have both 10.5 Pro and 11 Pro installed, and both function perfectly (I’m using ver 11 in grace-period mode). I was able to successfully perform the Maintenance Tasks in the latest version of the eLicenser CC (ver When I enter my update activation code into the eLicenser CC, it’s recognized correctly. However, after continuing, I receive this error message:

“Currently there is no license avaialable which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect a USB-eLicenser which holds an appropriate upgradable license…”

I have tried the following steps:

  • unplugged and re-plugged my eLicenser dongle into my USB hub
  • reinstalled the eLicenser CC software
  • waited for Steinberg server traffic to slow down
  • rebooted my computer

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Yes, I have the same problem. When there was a sale in honor of the 30th anniversary of Cubase, I purchased an Artist license, and a little later upgrade to the Pro version 10. Now I managed to activate the Artist, which was automatically updated to version 11, but the upgrade to the Pro version does not work out with exactly the same symptoms as and you.

I’ve been thinking about this, and our problems may be that we do not have a specific license in our accounts that corresponds to our update. For example, I have a license for 9.5 Pro and 10.5 Pro, but the update I bought this July is specifically for 10.0 to 10.5. Thus, it seems there’s nothing to update.

Is this situtaion true for you too?

I think the problem is with the server. It cannot be so, because these licenses were purchased and there are sales receipts and other documents. We should wait a bit for the announcement that the server is OK and try again. In case of failure, you should apply for a compensation or activation of the PURCHASED license.

I just submitted a support request…fingers crossed.

Be sure to write what you answered and whether it helped.

After searching the forum, I’m glad to see someone else has this problem.

In my case, I’m trying to update from Cubase 10.5 to 11… but the problem is otherwise identical to the opening post.



I’m sure that’s the problem.

To the others- Post an image of your elicenser window so people can see what license you’re trying to update or upgrade.

The most common question about this is due to trying to do an update for the wrong license.

Support ignored my request, just stupidly laughed it off … I’m shocked … here’s a quote: “I looked into your MySteinberg account and found that you were able to solve the” activation “problem.” But he doesn’t even think about solving the problem. Alina Andriescu wrote this to me. Thanks for that … And the problem is that after activating Artist10, who became the 11th, I lost the opportunity to update it to the pro version, he is now 11, and I have updated for Artist10 to Pro10. Bought them in 2019 with a week difference. How could I know it would be such a mess? It looks like the guys and girls from the support are very tired. You know, losing money is always not a thrill. And if you are robbed by such a serious company … I’m sorry.

Steve say: I’m sure that’s the problem.

To the others- Post an image of your elicenser window so people can see what license you’re trying to update or upgrade.

The most common question about this is due to trying to do an update for the wrong license.

In my case, this license became “wrong” thanks to Steinberg, since everything was originally bought correctly - Artist10 and upgrade Artist10 to Pro 10. But activation turned Artist10 into 11 and now the support girl laughs at me … Where could I read the safety precautions, what to activate when? Where???

Maybe the support person just did not understand. I am certain that they were not not laughing at you.

What I understand is you bought two things-

  • 1 upgrade from Cubase Artist 10 to Cubase Pro 10
  • 1 Update form Artist 10 to Artist 11

You activated your Artist 10 code and got the grace period update to Artist 11, then you could not apply the upgrade Artist to Pro upgrade you bought.

You now have an unused activation code, for a Cubase Artist to Cubase Pro upgrade, yes? Did I get it?

Thank you Steve for worrying about my problem.
In general, you understood correctly, but I want to clarify a little:

  1. I bought not the update, but the full version of Artist 10 in May 2019
  2. a week later I bought an update from Artist 10 to Pro10
    On November 11, after activating Artist10, I automatically received version 11 and my upgrade to Pro stopped working.

One thing you might do is check with the seller. If you bought it on the SB website, that would be Asknet. The details are in your receipt.

Or maybe submit a new ticket with the details in a bullet point list to make it very easy for someone who reads scores of support requests every day to understand. Like my post above?

Thanks Steve. I will try to consult with the seller.

Yes, this is exactly what I expected … The store answered in a day and politely asked to write to Steinberg, because the store support is responsible only for payment questions, and activation questions are in Steinberg’s jurisdiction. In support of Steinberg, replies and ridicule or complete disregard. The circle is complete. A serious company simply has no right to behave like that.

All Smithh, I am sorry for the issue. It was a misunderstanding related to a cracked Soft-eLicenser you use on your system. We usually deny support for such “customers”.
As you bought products as well, we will provide support for those, and we will reach out to you again.

The general issue is that if you buy product updates or upgrades, those licenses expect certain previous licenses for the upgrade.
If you wait with the activation until a grace period is available, the license will be upgraded automatically and does not match the original one that would be required to use the purchased upgrade activation code anymore. In these cases, there is not much we can do. You simply cannot use the activation code. Please get in contact with the online shop support or the retail music store to return the product and purchase the correct update/upgrade afterwards. On a side note, the online shop support is responsible for processing order cancellation requests so ask for that specifically. If they get inquiries on how to deal with licenses and grace periods, they will redirect you to the Steinberg support indeed.

Thank you Ed. My problem was completely solved. Today Alina sent me new activation codes and updates. It turned out that my licensor had 30 cracked licenses. Oh my God! I am in no way on the “dark” side. And my work assumes absolute transparency about software legitimacy. Nevertheless, I found myself in a very ugly situation. I still have to figure it out well. Thank you for helping and not only deactivating this licensor, but also returning my licenses, in general, they’ve believed that I am a decent person. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome! I am glad that this could be solved!