Cannot activate cubase 12 trial

Ive downloaded the cubase 12 trial version than installed all the softwares required but couldn’t find no activation code or the download access code.
Ive tired to reinstall, validate, synchronization & maintenance and register all eLIcenserd at mysteinberg and nothing worked

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I believe you can just start Cubase and the Trial period would start (if there is no other license).

I tried, but there is no sound
It specific in cubase cause the sound works on everything else(youtube ect…)
So i thought it might have something to do with the activation


If you started Cubase, the license is OK. So this problem had been solved.

Do you use audio samples from the MwdiaBay or what is the sound source for you?

How is the Studio Setup? How is the Audio Connection? What Audio Device do you use?

Cubase itself is working but there is no audio.
I can open The presets fine but it wont record or show audio signals even from the metronome.
Im using my built in driver
When i open the eLicenser control center it shows:
“This limited license has been disabled, because its validity could not be verified”
I have a serial number but not an activation could witch seems to be longer than the serial number.


Are you on Mac or Windows? How is the Audio Connections setup, please?

Cubase 12 is not using eLCC.