Cannot activate Cubase 9.5


I just bought Cubase 9.5 (upgrade from 7.5) and was so happy to try it. But unfortunately during the activation, for some reason, the eLicenser Control Center gives me this message:

"Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect an USB-Licenser, which holds an upgradable license, to your computer."

The Cubase 7.5 works perfectly fine and its full license is on that USB stick/dongle, so it’s not the problem in the dongle. And that’s the only dongle I own besides ilok.
I started Maintenance a few times, also I did a clean uninstall and reinstall of the latest eLicenser. I’m on Windows 10 64bit. I tried different usb ports… I tried recovering… ughh… I tried a lot of things but nothing worked :unamused:

Steinberg support still hasn’t replied. Any advice? :confused:

[mod edit: Picture removed - please never post a pic clearly showing your eLicenser numbers]

Thanks a lot!!


Are you sure you bought an upgrade from Cubase 7.5? Want it an upgrade from Cubase 7 by any chance?

Hi Martin,
thanks for responding. Well… that was it. I feel silly right now, but it is part Steinberg’s fault for not stating that more clearly (I see a lot of people in the past mistakenly bought a different/wrong version). But I’m mostly to blame :smiley:

So I accidentally bought an upgrade for Cubase Artist 7.5 instead of a full 7.5 license.
How do I get a refund or remedy this situation?

Any thoughts? Anything would be helpful since Steinberg “support” is not responding/replying to my mails… THANKS!


Contact Steinberg or AskNet (web-shop operator) technical support to refund, please.

I did but no reply yet. I’ll wait a bit more, thanks.