Cannot activate Cubase pro 9 (upgrade from 8.5)

Hello, i downloaded Cubase pro 9 but i’m not able to activate it, when i open it asks me for an activation code but in the email from steinberg after the download i did not find any code, if i insert the cubase 8.5 code nothing happens, i have USB e-licenser, if i open it i see only the cubase 8.5 active.
Please help me.

Sorry for my bad english, i’m Italian.

p.s. no answers from Steinberg support

You should receive an email titled Order Confirmation that contains your activation code.
Search your mailbox for Steinberg Online Shop.

if you still don’t find it you might also try though they may just refer you to Steinberg…not sure.

Yes i searched in the email from asknet and steinberg But tere is not a activation code. Now i have Sent an email to asknet, Hope They will answer me.