Cannot activate my Cubase Artist 9.5 with Soft E licenser

So I just bought a copy of Cubase 9.5 Artist and installed on my computer.

However, when I try to register it on my soft-e licenser,

it won’t let me proceed from here.

Is there any resolution to this?

p.s I will buy an USB E licenser soon, but not now

A few Steinberg products still require an USB-eLicenser hardware dongle to work. This includes Cubase Artist.

The shop pages will warn you if an USB-eLicenser is required:

Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until you have an USB-eLicenser to be able to activate your license. Only Cubase Elements (and the versions of Cubase that come for free with hardware) works without it.

Oh I see…

Thank you for your answer.

Guess I will just wait for it