CANNOT activate MySteinberg!

I registered a Scarlett 2i2 product. I never received activation mail from Steinberg, so I can’t access MySteinberg for anything. I was able to activate my accounts for the forums but apparently it wasnt enough. I clicked on Forgot Password nd it says my account does not exist!!

I’m not able to download the Cubase LE that came with my Scarlett 2i2 product.

I just spent $300 for a Steinberg U44 - I can’t download the license. I’ve spent hours uninstalling and re-installing. It doesn’t work. Support doesn’t seem very good either. The last thing I want to do is spend all my time dicking around with dysfunctional software. It’ll be faster if I simply return this product and buy something that actually works out of the box.

I have sent a private message. Looks like the account activation email did not make it.

Hello. I have recently purchased a Steinberg UR 22 MK II and too am having difficulties receiving my account activation to allow me to download Cubasis LE. Is there anyone who can assist or offer a suggestion as to how one might right an issue such as this?

I have also registered a Scarlett 2i2 product. I never received activation mail from Steinberg too.
Please help me, because i cannot start to use my new product!

Haypen, I have sent a PM.

fviolettaf, your account has been activated on the same day. Looks like your case is solved?

Hello again. it has been a couple of days, i though i would give the email some time to arrive and it has yet to do so. I’ve been in contact with one of the representatives over email and we almost figured it out to the point where i though i no longer needed assistance. Currently I have added to my contacts and have resent the activation email multiple times with no success. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Haypen, I am not sure which email you expect to arrive? In the private message I sent (here in the forum), you can find the link to activate your account. You just need to click on it :wink:

Hi Ed … Could you help me also with the same issue ?
The mail site’s email activation would not come through to my mail box, but the activation for the forum did.
Obviously I cannot now access my account on the main site to download the software.
It’s a little frustrating that I could find no way to “logout” and try a different email address. But there you go.
tia :slight_smile:

You should have a PM with a link.

Perfect :slight_smile:
Worked a charm, thanks Ed. :sunglasses:

Hello, I’m new here and I’m having the same problem of not recieving the activation email after registering for a mysteinsberg account. Really need it to activate my Cubase LE 8 that comes with my Zoom H6!

Hi, I have the same issue, didn’t get the Steinberg account activation link in my email even after trying several times, would of great help if this can be sorted. Thanks.

Hi there, I have raised a ticket for not being able to activate AI4 but no response so far, is there no support for 2nd hand products? I have spent £500 to buy a Yamaha N12 which came with AI4 but asks for activation code.

Hello, I sent an answer to your private message you also sent.


I also am trying to register my email with Steinberg so as to download Cubase LE. I recently bought the Scarlett Solo Studio and was able to register the product with Focusrite. However, when I go to download the Cubase LE and type in my email address to register my account, I don’t receive a confirmation email. I would appreciate it greatly if this could be resolved.


Hi Reed,
it looks like you have activated the account successfully in the meantime?

Hello. I’ve purchased an M-Audio M-Track Eight a few days ago and created MySteinberg account in order to download Cubase LE which comes with the interface. But I too didn’t receive an activation mail. In fact, I’ve used three different e-mails to create an account and didn’t receive an activation mail for any of them. So, can you please send me the activation link as a PM here?

Count me as another, I just got a new computer and am not getting the email to allow me to Activate my LE5 that I have on disc

Hello Ed,
Im sorry I have the same issue as these guys;I created an account but I haven’t received any activation-email!
Can you please send me a link as well,so that i can download my ‘‘Cubase’’?
Thank you