CANNOT activate MySteinberg!

Hi there,

24 hours later --> Still any mail recieved. Nor activation code or any support answer both here and on mySteinberg account page…
So what?

Hola no puedo activar la cuenta, para poder descargar el Cubase. Segui las instrucciones del mail, fui al link de activación, elegí la contraseña y todo. Pero luego no puedo ingresar a my steinberg! Cuando ingreso nombre de usuario y contraseña, me pide activarlo! Si ya lo he hecho!! Ayuda!!!

Hello, I can not activate the account, in order to download Cubase. I followed the instructions of the mail, I went to the activation link, I chose the password. But then I can not go to my steinberg! When I enter username and password, it asks me to activate it! Yes I do!! Help!!!

i’ve same problem. So tried :frowning:

Your MySteinberg account is activated since April 5. What exactly does not work?

i don’t know how to get my active code in the final step. i was trying many times to follow your suggestion but no nothing with my email box. :confused:
what should i do next?

Please don’t post and send private messages at the same time. This is about account activations and not product activation codes. Please see PM for details.

Same here. Been trying/waiting three days for the activation email for MySteinberg.

I appreciate any help.

Hi Ed you seem to be the man to sort this. I have started a new thread about my own problem, which is the same problem as theses guys. Bought Cubase 9.5 cannot get the avtivation code. Could you sort me out please.

same deal here, I can’t activate my account as i haven’t received an email to activate my account, please help!!!

I cannot find anything on your email address. If it is a different one than the one you use here, please send a PM.


I have made an activation, but it failed. even though I have made a purchase. and I have also received activation via email. So what should I do? thank you. there it says the activation code has been installed. even though in my account I got a valid code

This thread is about the MySteinberg account activation. Please contact the support team directly for issues on a product activation:

Thank you!

Hi there ’

Just having trouble creating an account.
Entered the six digit code sent and ‘something went wrong’

Now try and just get ‘An error has occurred , please try again later’ in red under the email when trying from start.

I have just purchased the UR22C. Installed the interface & going OK. Also have registered the key for the FX Suite.

Thanks for any help you can provide

Hi! Sorry for that! I saw that you sent a ticket on this one already and it is being worked on.

Hi Ed

Thanks for the quick response _ must be hard to keep up with all the enquiries; much appreciated.
I tried this morning and was able to reset password etc = all sorted.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers - Martin

Thanks for letting me know! I have closed the ticket.

Looks like I’m the latest victim. Verification code is not being sent out. This is an account I’ve had for years, never had any login problems before. I set up a second account so I could contact Steinberg (verification number sent, no problem), but the Canada phone service has been shut down due to COVID and none of the emails I’ve sent to the various contact addresses have been answered. In a final irony, when I tried to post a ticket, I was instructed to login, then asked for a verification code, which of course, I never got!

Interestingly, I was able to login to this forum using my original account info, no problem.

Hey, im also a victim of that issue, I want to activate my account to download Cubase and im not recieving any email actiavation.
Need help here please.

Hi there. Can a letter get into spam and, in general, how long does it take on average to get a letter so I can understand it is ok or not? Thanks

wow. It’s a BIG joke or what?
I’m stay here, thinking about how do Yamaha and steinberg fail to fix this problem?
I’m also a new victim of that issue.Im not recieving any email actiavation.
So…is there someone responsible could give a help?