CANNOT activate MySteinberg!

Thank you, it’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

i’m having the same problem. I need serial number to get activation code. so right now i’m at a wall.

That’s off topic as this is about activating the MySteinberg account. Please submit a ticket or contact our local distribution for help.

I have the same problem, all licences for cubase, wavelab and my ur22 are gone, the account seems new all my personal info is gone, what has happened?

When I try to post a ticket on my steinberg I end up in the login window even though I am logged in.

Peter Härje

Hi, I bought UR44 and wanted to download Cubase AI.
But registration fails.
After entering my email and password there appears text “Activation email sent successfully”,
but nothing received; tried several times…
If I understand, somebody sends the activation link via PM.
Please do it for me too.

PM sent!

I am also unable to receive an activation email. I have tried to resend the email multiple times, and even checked with my email provider but the problem is not on their end.

Can you provide a link to activate the MySteinberg account?

I appreciate it.

Thank you.

PM sent!

Hi, I have the same problem with recieving activation email. Would you please help me out?
Thank you!

Another PM sent!

Yep, having the same issue, you’d think someone would have fixed it by now considering this thread started in 2015. But yea did not receive activation email for cubase le.

still have not recieved activation email for mysteinberg

Hi there,

I have the same problem, but a few different steps in between:

  1. I create an account on mysteinberg ==> check
  2. I receive an activation mail with a link in it on which I am asked to click ==> check
  3. A website opens and confirms activation ==> check
  4. I go to the homepage and click on “mysteinberg” to login ==> check
  5. I enter the mailadress ==> check

Immediately after, the password field disappears and is replaced “Resend activation mail”. Next to the mail adress a button appears saying: “Please activate your account first.”,

  1. I click on the button.
  2. I am transferred to step 2

I went through this for a few times and then let it sit. After 2 hours, still no progress.

CAn you help?


I bought UR 22 mk II a month ago and i got a cubase AI activation code.
Problem is, I must have a MySteinberg account but I cant register.
When I register my account it says I must activate so I put my mail address but no activation link doesnt arrived.

Can you help me please?


I am having the exact same issue as metropol21.

Could anyone provide some support?

Thank you!

Hi there,

I’ve got the same issue there.
Just purchased/downloaded/installed Cubase LE 9.5 but still, no confirmation mail nor activation code has been sent to me.

Any help?

I am also not able to activate MySteinberg. I have never gotten an activiation email. I have tried resending several times, but never received the email.

Hi there,

24 hours later --> Still any mail recieved. Nor activation code or any support answer both here and on mySteinberg account page…
So what?

Hola no puedo activar la cuenta, para poder descargar el Cubase. Segui las instrucciones del mail, fui al link de activación, elegí la contraseña y todo. Pero luego no puedo ingresar a my steinberg! Cuando ingreso nombre de usuario y contraseña, me pide activarlo! Si ya lo he hecho!! Ayuda!!!

Hello, I can not activate the account, in order to download Cubase. I followed the instructions of the mail, I went to the activation link, I chose the password. But then I can not go to my steinberg! When I enter username and password, it asks me to activate it! Yes I do!! Help!!!

i’ve same problem. So tried :frowning: