Cannot Activate Pro 8.5 on Macbook Pro

Not sure this is the right forum for this issue If not please tell me where to post
I cannot activate Pro 8.5
Sweetwater Sound where I bought it their tech support have tried really hard and not been able to do it. I have had some emails from Steinberg Germany sending me a new activation code …still no go…
The eLicenser is activated.
When I try to activate ….the message I get is as follows:

eLicenser Control Error
Connection to protection device lost.
Upgrade failed
An error occurred

I used the Online Synchronization and Maintenance
and it said
materialization failed
I tried again and it said
Step 4 of 6 failed
Then I got the message
Sending eLicenser info an error occurred while accessing the eLicenser
I tried it many times and many times it said the connection to protection device lost
I tried another USB port on the computer and it was the same.

The light on the e Licenser was on each time but the light is never steady it goes from bright to pale to bright again when I did this process but it is off sometimes totally and sometimes blinks on and off .

Can an activation code only be used once so if I try again it is doomed to failure again ?
Does this mean that the eLicenser does not work or…?

The lap top is new

Any input very welcome


Did you buy an upgrade or a new version? Did you already activate the product (in any time on another computer)?