Cannot activate Spectralayers 10 (second account)

I have made 2 support tickets with my issue but no answer yet and by looking around, it seems Steinberg are not too big on support with people waiting for months.

Anyhow if there is anyone from support here, i would appreciate your help…
I purchased Spectralayers a few days ago with one of my 2 Steinberg accounts. I set up a secondary one because Paypal had issues back then with one of my accounts, so i had to set up a second account to purchase.

Long story short, I need to activate it on my first account and not the second that i purchased on…I have my access code, invoice number and everything else but it tells me i don’t have a license (obviously because it was paid for from my second account. Both accounts are under my same name and address but different email. Is there a way to activate this on my main account? If not can i get a refund ?

I would appreciate a response from someone at Steinberg who can sort this out unless anyone else knows how I can get around this issue please?

Thanks in advance.

The shop accounts are separate from the rest of the My Steinberg and Steinberg Licensing infrastructure.

Check Steinberg Download Assistant is logged into the account that you wish to activate by pressing the “My Account” button (top right), then if all is OK, click “Enter your Download Access Code” to enter the code that you purchased.

Hmmm, it seems I am not registered with a second account like I thought. This is only in the shop section. I’m confused.
I ran the download assistant and try to log in with the second account only to be told, that account does not exist…?!
But I can log in through shop section. What now?

Do you have other Steinberg licenses ? What matters for your licenses is what you see when you log here : - that’s where your licenses are activated and stored.

If you don’t have previous Steinberg licenses just create a Steinberg account here, and then activate your SpectraLayers license within that portal.

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