Cannot activate upgrade to Cubase Artist 8.5

I cannot activate upgrade to Cubase Artist 8.5 (from Elements 8) I have receipt with confirmation of payment received an order number and Activation code. When I enter Activation code in eLicenser window it says ‘The license activation code was recognised correctly’ but then I get an Error message ‘A connection to the license server could not be established’ I upgraded from cubase A1 to Elements 8 and it all went smoothly – the upgrade was recognised in the eLicenser’ and that upgrade was done on the same Windows computer. I’m running Cubase Elements 8 (Windows) with a Steinberg UR44 interface. No extra plugins hardware etc.
I’ve seen on the Forum that there seems to be some activity going on related to this problem as other users are also experiencing and expressing the same concerns and hassles regarding not being able to complete the activation process.
Was wondering if I need to register this new upgrade in ‘My Steinberg’ account to confirm my activation code??? but cannot login into MySteinberg – keep getting a notification “No server reachable”
The upgrade download and Install of Cubase Artist 8 appears to have completed successfully - I can see files and shortcut on desktop. When I click on that it requests an activation code and after entering says ‘No valid license found’ the program will quit now. Is there something I’m missing here??
Would really like some clarification on this issue - and if there is maintenance currently underway to Fix this - is there an actual timeframe as to when it will be possible to activate the upgrade to Artist 8 I have just paid for – Thanks ozblue

Looks like they are having some technical difficulties.

As of today Frid 19th Feb 2016 - I’ve been able to activate and register my upgrade to Cubase Artist 8. To Steinberg tech people, thank you, thank you, thank you.