Cannot add Spitfire LABS to any Playback Template

Why can I not add Spitfire LABS to any Playback Template?
Same is true for EmVoice.

Dorico (799.8 KB)

Have you created any endpoints for any of the LABS instruments?

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I can get the sound (assigned to a Keyboard instrument) but still not see it when trying to create a Playback Template.

Same is true for the EmVoice “VST” except that EmVoice does show the assigned voice as its Instrument in the Endpoint screen. Admittedly EmVoice is a bit idiosyncratic as a VST, as it sends MIDI data (plus lyrics) for synchronized on-line processing each time one plays the Dorico file.

Your routing has channel 7 set, but your endpoint only has a single channel. If you increase MIdi channels to 7, your LABS instrument will appear,

I’m not sure why you’d route LABS to channel 7. I just leave each LABS instruments on channel 1.

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I notice, after changing the channel, I had to click the endpoint button at the bottom of that screen before LABS would appear in my selection list.

Thank you , @Janus .

Does anyone know how to get 4 (or any multiple) instances of EmVoice to show up via a Playback Template? I can list it 4 times in the template definition, but it only loads on instance when I run the template, and EmVoice requires a separate instance for each voice.