Cannot add VST and FX plugins


I’m in the middle of the project and I cannot add 95% of my VST’s to the MIDI tracks and FX’es as well. When I am adding VST, nothing happens. Cubase just creates a blank MIDI track (even when I am adding native instruments). When I am adding VST effects (including most of the native), they just not appear in the inserts.

If I start a new project, everything works fine, I can add “Groove Agent” and all other native and 3rd party VSTS and effects, but I critically need to finish my existing project.

Any ideas or solutions?
(I’m using Cubase Pro 10.0.40, Windows 10)



Are you sure you are using Cubase Pro, not Cubase Artist?

Could you try to Backup the project and try it on the back upped project, please?