Cannot apply quarter tones


I having been trying to input a piece with quarter tones which I have written for the clarinet, but Dorico refuses to switch to the equal temperament 24 setting and input any of the quarter tone symbols. When I click on one of the quarter tone symbols the program reverts to the equal temperament 12 setting and does not place any accidental in front of the note I have highlighted. I hope that I am simply doing something wrong and the problem is not that Dorico refuses to add microtones to the clarinet. Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Charles Neidich

Dear Charles,
Please search the forum before you post :wink: However, here’s what you were supposed to look for, I hope it will help you (it should, read Pianoleo’s advice)

Welcome to this forum, and please do post your questions if you haven’t found an answer after 2min search!

Hello Charles! Here are the steps Marc mentions above - I’ve had trouble with this too, if you don’t do these steps in the right order it can be finicky. But overall Dorico is absolutely fantastic - especially the ease of writing without time signatures, if you desire.

  1. Select music.
  2. Set tonality to 24 EDO.
  3. Type Shift-K (there’s no need to deselect or reselect anything before you do this).
  4. Type atonal.
  5. Hit return.
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Thank you very much. I had tried looking through the forum topics earlier, but somehow I missed the microtonal thread. I tried just what you said and got it to work. I think in Dorico help the type shift-K step should be more clearly emphasized. I didn’t understand that that was the only way to choose atonal.
I’m just beginning to learn to use Dorico. I am hoping it will be very useful. The stated ease of writing without time signatures and the ability to write tuplets over bar lines is the main attraction for me.