Cannot assign different instruments from keyboard in Midi

Hi - new user of Cubase LE4 and also new connecting to Korg iS50 Keyboard. Seems connected OK - Can record several midi tracks but if I record three tracks - say piano, guitar and brass, when I play them back, they all play according to my keyboard setting - eg if set to piano, all three tracks play piano? I suspect I haven’t set up the medi device to recognise and record the different keyboard sounds/instruments. I’m using a Lambda audio interface and have my keyboard connected to windows PC via usb midi interface. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.


If you using the MIDI connection, you have to adjust the Channels accordingly.
Each instrument on its own channel, e.g. Piano Ch 1, Strings on Ch 2, etc.

As I have a Korg M1, I can select the “Combination” mode and be able to route up to 8 different instruments to one set. Each on a separate channel.
If I am in the “Program” mode, only one instrument on the “Global” channel will be triggered.


thanks Alstudios - I’ve got it working