Cannot assign first audio track to 'No Bus' for Cue Send / loses bus settings

Apologies if this is captured elsewhere - I searched for it but can’t see it… so, I use Control Room, and the first 4 audio tracks in my projects are for AB-ing via the Cue Sends; I’ll refer to them as ‘Cue Tracks’. So their output busses are assigned to ‘No Bus’. However, there a couple of bugs related to this:

  1. Generally, it seems Cubase won’t let me assign the first audio track of a project to No Bus. It either stays on default of ‘Stereo Out’, or, if there are other busses (groups) in the project it seems to select one of those at random to assign it to. The workaround is to add an additional bus, which I call ‘NOWHERE’, mute it, then assign the first Cue Track there. This only seems to affect the first Cue Track.

  2. On re-opening a project where the above has been done, sometimes the assignment to the 'NOWHERE" bus has been lost and reverted to ‘Stereo Out’ again. However, on re-opening it will allow me to assign the first track to ‘No Bus’

Anyone else seen this behaviour? Steinberg acknowledge bug?