Cannot assign global part for track?

Hi guys,

I create a midi track.
I want to assign the output of the midi track to a global part as I can do for “normal” part.
It is not possible ?
I found a way to assign the output of midi track to “VM1 Output” and assign the input of the global part to "VM1 In’.

Tracks are not part of the Global Part, only Layers, Stacks, and Modules.

Is it a good way to use the VM in/Out in this case ?

The question is just what you want to acheive?
You can create a Layer in the Global part and set any MIDI track output to send there (shared), I guess that is what you want? That is better than using VM, those may lead to MIDI loops (we’ll add a check for that soon).

I need help to understand.

I created a global part with a layer.

In my midi track, I set the output to this layer ? There is no layer from global part.

Moreover, if I set a shared layer to the output of the layer of the global part, VST Live crashes.

Unfortunately you are correct, my bad. Will check what can be done.

“set a sherd layer to the output” is a bit unclear to me. As you pointed out, Global Part Layers are not shared. So I can not set a Song Layer Instrument to that of the Global Part Layer.

I can set the Global Part Layer Output to any Shared Layer though:

Testing 1.1.56

  • new project
  • create 2 Songs, each with a different Layer Instrument
  • create Global Part
  • add Layer in Global Part
  • select output Shared/Song 2 Layer 1 Part 1
  • select Song 1
    Both Layers (Global using Song 2, and that of Song 1) play fine. No crash either. Would you have a recipe like that to reproduce the crash?

To create a global Instrument accessible by all tracks of all Songs, currently your approach using VM should work. Will check if we can make Layers of the Global part accessible to tracks.

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That’s why I was confused lol

My VST live crashes at this step but I think because I don’t have Halion installed on this PC (with an existing instrument, there is no crash).


Yes please, it will be a good feature !

This should work now, right? Lost track of this issue.

No, with last version, cannot still select layers from global track to tracks

True, we are looking at it right away.

So, we’ll finally have “select layers from global track to tracks” with the upcoming (official) version 1.1.70 coming soon.