Cannot assign/map normal modulation function to my Modulation Wheel

Hi, First post ever.

I have Cubase Elements 9 and an Akai MPK mini.
Cubase automatically recognizes the x axis on the joystick of my MPK mini for pitch bend but does not assign any modulation effects to the y axis. I can tell that the software receives input from the y axis but I cannot figure out how to map/assign normal modulation functions to the Y axis. I’m not trying to do anything fancy, I just want the Y axis to function as a normal up down modulation wheel that exists on any standard midi keyboard. Please help me! Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately in Cubase Elements, there is no Input Transformer, where you could change incoming MIDI data to other data.

What MIDI CC does the Y sends? Could you change it directly on the AKAI device?